Opening a retail store is deceptively expensive. Not only do you need the product that you plan to sell, but you need registers, fixtures, security systems, and new keys. You need fresh coats of paint and often a new floor. Very little comes free when you are starting out in retail; not even the trash cans, as most shopping centers require you to purchase service from a private provider. Whether you are still prepping your retail space for opening or have been open for many years, the kinds of expenses retail store owners face remain the same.
With us, you can free up some cash flow to reinvest in your business. You can hire new staff or bring in a new line of products to offer your customers.
Other retail store owners have used our services to consolidate previous debt or eliminate their credit card debt. Often, the most important aspect of operating a successful retail store is having the resources on-hand to take advantage of opportunities you never saw coming. You can ensure you always have the cash on-hand you might need for the opportunities you could have only dreamed about.